What We Are, What We Are Not


In the need to write a constitution for the purpose of registering our Association as per the Society Act of British Columbia, I amended our tentative mission statement and added several new points for clarification. You can see them on our About the WRA page, but I want to restate what this means and what, maybe more importantly, it does not mean.

The purposes of the society are:

To encourage constructive cooperation between households, local business, and government bodies in the Willoughby neighbourhoods.

To promote sustainable development in the Willoughby Development Area (Township of Langley).

To provide a public forum for policy matters concerning residents of the Willoughby neighbourhoods.

At the root of the society’s purpose is community involvement. The Willoughby Residents Association is nothing without the residents of Willoughby. We hold no authoritative power. We are a forum for cooperation. While the Association may provide recommendation to various government bodies, this is not our primary function.

The Willoughby Residents Association IS a watchdog organization. We will monitor and publicize actions unfavourable or harmful to the residents of Willoughby.

The Willoughby Residents Association IS NOT a homeowners association. We do not exclude residents of Willoughby who do not own their home.

The Willoughby Residents Association IS a registered society in the Province of British Columbia and follows the rules and regulations of the Society Act.

The Willoughby Residents Association IS NOT primarily a lobbying organization. We will provide resources to a number of institutions so that they may make the best possible decisions in matters that affect the residents of Willoughby.

The Willoughby Residents Association IS a nonprofit organization made possible by community volunteers dedicated to building a better Langley.

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