Keep CACs in Willoughby

The Willoughby Residents Association is dismayed that at last week’s December 3, 2018 council meeting it was suggested the Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) from land development and re-zoning in the Willoughby area be redirected to other communities in the Township. Willoughby is already underfunded. As Aldergrove was described in the motion put forward by council as struggling, we would suggest that Willoughby is also a struggling area.


CACs are clearly too low since we are lacking in Greenways including sidewalks, bike lanes and road infrastructure, more community policing including traffic management, updates to recreation facilities for our youth, and updates to recreation facilities for our seniors.


Any councillor that suggests taking from the struggling and giving to the equally struggling is someone who is kicking Willoughby in the teeth and telling us to enjoy it.


The Township should be adding additional money to the current CACs to get the work done in a timely manner.  For far too long Willoughby has been ignored and now the council sees us as the golden goose.   Willoughby is people with homes and families who put their hard earned money into where they live.  Let’s get our voice to council to ensure that they know how we feel.  Keep ALL the CACs from Willoughby development in Willoughby.


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