A brief history of Willoughby

Willoughby, British Columbia is a community located within the Township of Langley. The area was named after Willoughby Singer, a man who owned a post office in the community’s first store beside the community hall on 208 Street during the 1920s. 

The community hall building, which replaced a school in 1937, provided members of the community with a place to meet and socialize during formal and informal events. The Willoughby Community Hall became a focal point for community life in Willoughby. It also contributed to a strong sense of solidarity and social stability during a time when spread out homesteads were fairly isolated (reference: historicplaces.ca).

Since that time, the community has become one of the most developed areas in the Township of Langley, alongside the Willowbrook area. Aside from the historic community hall, Willoughby is home to the Willoughby Community Centre and the Langley Events Centre. 

Willoughby Community Hall on 208 st, Langley, BC | Photo credit: Brian McKay

The formation of the WRA

In 2012, three people formed the Willoughby Residents Association (“WRA”): Brad Richert, Teresa Blades and Rena Terry. They felt a growing need for representation at the local government given the expansion of the Willoughby area and the lack of public input. They initially incorporated the Association, but unfortunately it was dissolved shortly thereafter.

In 2016, newcomers Cynthia and Brian resurrected the WRA after moving to the Willoughby area. They felt a disconnect with their new community, which lacked a residents association. By re-forming the WRA, they hoped to re-generate interest in helping the community grow. Eventually, they wanted to see more local input in the current development and community events.