Our next delegation: Monday Jan 14

Join us on Monday January 14, 2019 at 7pm at the Township of Langley Hall. We are presenting the results of our survey which we have put into a lovely PowerPoint presentation. And who doesn’t love a PowerPoint presentation? We have diagrams and pictures and other fun stuff to learn about Willoughby.

What do we need? We need YOU – come support the WRA by showing up and letter the TOL know we are here and active. We look forward to seeing you on Monday and don’t forget to come say hi and let Cynthia and Jeff know you’re there!

Keep CACs in Willoughby

The Willoughby Residents Association is dismayed that at last week’s December 3, 2018 council meeting it was suggested the Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) from land development and re-zoning in the Willoughby area be redirected to other communities in the Township. Willoughby is already underfunded. As Aldergrove was described in the motion put forward by council as struggling, we would suggest that Willoughby is also a struggling area.


CACs are clearly too low since we are lacking in Greenways including sidewalks, bike lanes and road infrastructure, more community policing including traffic management, updates to recreation facilities for our youth, and updates to recreation facilities for our seniors.


Any councillor that suggests taking from the struggling and giving to the equally struggling is someone who is kicking Willoughby in the teeth and telling us to enjoy it.


The Township should be adding additional money to the current CACs to get the work done in a timely manner.  For far too long Willoughby has been ignored and now the council sees us as the golden goose.   Willoughby is people with homes and families who put their hard earned money into where they live.  Let’s get our voice to council to ensure that they know how we feel.  Keep ALL the CACs from Willoughby development in Willoughby.


2018 AGM & Nov Community meeting highlights

Last night, November 20 2018, saw a well-attended community meeting and AGM.  We opened with a brief presentation from Harold Whittell of the Fort Langley Community Association and the organizer of the Township of Langley Community Association Groups (TOLCA).  Our AGM saw a few new directors with an almost full board.  The input from everyone during the meeting was amazing.  We have a list of projects, delegations and presentations.  Everyone’s enthusiasm was so awesome to see!   Over the coming weeks we will be putting together some dates for presentations / delegations.  And even more exciting, as 2019 has an election, we will once again be doing an All Candidates Meetings.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Special thanks to the Shepherd of the Valley Church for providing the venue, and to Harold Whittell for presenting.


If anyone is interested in learning more about what we did please sign up on our website to become an e-member.



Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: 20097 72nd Ave, Langley (Shepherd of the Valley Church – signs will be posted inside)

Join us for a brief speaker and our Annual General Meeting!  We will be having a rousing discussion about all kinds of exciting things!  Trust me, you want to be there!


You can become a voting member by going here: https://willoughbyresidents.org/membership/ to get more say on what the WRA represents.  In the meantime, our membership base has doubled in this last year and some recent activity has brought us in contact with both new and old residents, all of whom have concerns.


E-Members (non-voting) will be receiving further contact information and you can become an E-member by clicking the link here:  http://eepurl.com/cqDLjz

And what can you do in the meantime?  Start by spreading the word.  Share our Facebook posts, re-tweet us.  Make sure your neighbours know that we’re here!  We’re like Horton and the Who’s!

Letter to the editor: Voter Engagement

Dear Editor

What does it take to get voters engaged?  Municipal elections are notorious for poor attendance, yet it is that level of government that affects our lives on a daily basis.  The municipal government have the say in our water quality through our local streams, our air quality, and the living plant life around us – from trees to community gardens.  They decide on public safety with things like sidewalks, bike lanes, policing, and promoting programs like Block Watch.

The population of Langley in 2016 was 117,285 (2016 Census).  The population of Willoughby-Willowbrook is 30,967 (26% – almost 1/3 of the voters in Langley Township).  A May 23, 2018 letter we received from the Township indicates they had 3,166 votes in the last election from Willoughby and it was inferred by the lack of polling places that they expect the same this election.

In a part of the world where we are so lucky to have a say in our government structure, it is most unfortunate that apathy abounds.  And if we, the voters don’t care, we get an equal response from the Township with lack of polling places and election propaganda that numbs us.

I really want to know what it will take to get the people in the Willoughby area to show up – either in the advance polls from October 10 to 18th or on voting day, October 20.  I know, everyone’s busy and it’s hard to find that 15 minutes somewhere on those 9 days.    And to make it more like a game, if I’m reading the website correctly, it appears that the advance polls are going to move around so you can see if you can actually find them. This is the way the TOL likes to tease us instead of encouraging us to be connected.

But let’s show them we are up for the game.  Let’s pick a polling place from: https://www.tol.ca/your-township/elections/2018-elections/   Get your children involved.  Have them direct you to whatever day you find yourself closest to a polling place.  Wouldn’t it be great, Willoughby, if a third of our third – 10,000 of us – got out and voted in this municipal election?  Be engaged.  Be part of the solution.  Be the change you want to see.

And I would, of course, be remiss if I didn’t point out the Willoughby Residents Association is hosting an All Candidates Meeting Oct 11 at 7pm at the Shepherd of the Valley church.   If people want to go beyond just voting, there’s a good place to start to get information.